I [F21] always had a crush on my now former female teacher [F38] and never hesitated to show it, she never actually cut ties with me.

Maybe she found it hard to turn you down. It's a difficult position to be in, where you put her. By postponing the moment of disappointment, it became a problem she could deal with when not in person. Which is what happened. You tried several times, you didn't give up, you still have an idea that something is going to happen from her side. It's time to give up on that hope.

Stop wishing that this woman, who has a family of her own and some ethical rules in the way, is going to return any affection in the same manner as you want to offer. See her as someone who was a first significant influence in your romantic life. Many people have that with new experiences. They don't always turn out like the daydreams and the people don't have to be in your life to have importance to you.

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