I [F21] want to transfer to another university where most students are upper middle class. My friends [F20-26’s] tell me I’ll never fit in. Should I listen to them or are they wrong?

You aren't a peasants child in the middle bloody ages for Christs sake. Nor are you 12 when fitting in the group is your entire world.

You are an adult that should grab the life by your own hands.

What friends want to deny you that by playing on your financial-based insecurities? They really sound like complete losers who want to have the victim mentality. They don't want to see their equals succeed, because that would mean that they fail because of their own actions. And what people hate most is responsibility for their failures.

Do not listen to this sort of people. Go for it!

And if I were you, I'd actually consider wether they should be my friends.

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