I [F37] can't help but be sad that my daughter [F8] isn't more feminine.

I have a couple daughters myself and it really sounds like she is just acting like an eight year old. She's probably figured out that she is out growing tea parties and dress up and is trying to figure out the next step in life (which, let's be real, involves Minecraft for ANY school aged kid) . And you might just be missing the little kid part and sad she's growing up. Is it possible that that is the twinge of unhappiness you're feeling? In any case, keep trying to get into the things she likes. You'll find one you like too. For my girls and I, it's archery. When you do try and introduce new things, ie. Cooking and sewing, I introduce them as life skills, not as girlie things to do. My girls get so into cooking because they love the idea of being able to take care of themselves. You could also try hot chocolate dates instead of tea parties. My girls enjoy that because they get a special date with just me. It'll get worse before it gets better (pms and all) but hang in there. You two will find something you enjoy!

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