[F4M] - 'Queen of Spades' for chat (interracial, black male/white female, cuckolding, hotwifing, BBC, etc)

Well for one, white women are more sexual willing. I could even say the same for Asian women. Secondly, white women tend to be a lot more passive in general. That’s not a ‘jab’ at white women either. Actually more of a complement, in my opinion. No men, regardless of the race enjoys going back and forth with a lady. Not saying that a lady does not have the right to express her opinion; But, for the most part personality wise most blacks guys are generally cool. Yet, we get this reputation through media outlets, hate groups, and also just by regular people that we are always angry, ruff around the edges etc. That’s a lot to carry on a everyday bases. So for the most part confrontation is not something we welcome, but at the same not going to run away from.

Now if u really want to approach the elephant in the room think about this... Black men and women are overly stereotyped. This isn’t a secret , it’s been going on since we were brought here. Now granted I’ve actually gain more sexually , because of this. And also because of my god given attributes . Still, this affects black women as well who generally have it a lot harder than black men. One because there a lady, but two because they are a black lady. This leads to some not all ( and I want to emphasize that, because I love black women) carry a chip on their shoulder. This can be difficult in a relationship because both partners ( if both black ) have been putting up with this since birth. Because of that black women have been brought up too be strong.

Hopefully this does not come off the wrong way, but sometimes u just want your lady to stfu. Again, White and Asian women tend to be a lot more passive. And , if your a black guy that’s cool because u have to put up with enough bs on the regular. So back and forth just isn’t worth it. You eventually get exhausted.

Edit: yes this was a lot , hopefully I didn’t offend anyone that was not my intentions.

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