f4M - Teen attends the traveling carnival in her town, and meets her end. [Rape and Snuff]

I'm not going to try and make a case for continuing, but I really think it would be beneficial for everyone if you reconsidered the implementation of your policies. I think it's likely that many of the people who message you only to later end up blocked are attempting to be considerate and within your limits, only to find themselves instablocked for something like depicting your character's presumably-involuntary reaction. In so doing, you guarantee a waste of time for everyone involved.

I fucked up and stepped on your toes, and for that I am apologetic. Seriously. I was looking out for them, but I misstepped anyway, and it can be hard to enjoy a dance after that. You're very particular, after all, and that's no bad thing. But if you are capable of enjoying a scene that contains a single educational misstep somewhere near its inception, I believe that you might find more opportunities to engage in what is presumably an enjoyable activity for you. What's more, you would be behaving considerately towards your partner's time and effort.

That said, I recognize, given the demographics of these communities, that you might be so inundated with quality responses that the premature conclusion of a scene represents nothing more to you than the opportunity cost of time that could have been spent responding to one of your other potential partners. You also may have no interest in extending mutual respect to your partners, or your faculties of enjoyment may be entirely inflexible. If any of those are the case, I've simply wasted my time further, here. Despite that, I thank you for responding to me. I enjoyed our interaction prior to its conclusion and I wish you well.

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