[f4M] Anyone up for some mutual adoration?

Hey Handsome,

Thank you for writing this summary for me. It far exceeded what I was looking to understand, and didn’t intend it to be painful :) In summary, I don't want to screw things up or miss meeting expectations because I don't under the rules.

> that you wanted to and could jump right in

I loved the spontaneity. Yes, I'm not asking for any giant set up or character definition, but I do want to respect that you have a vision for where you might have wanted the prompt to go and try to read your mind to help us both get there. (I was running out of time yesterday and rushed the ending because I was not sure how you’d feel about leaving it open for more than a day. Now, I know and that shower head would have been utilized.)

> I do try to be pretty flexible with writing and responding. And that flexibility is selfish too

Whew, this was very much the root of my logistics question. I intentionally targeted you with my “text message” on a day where I could juggle life’s work load and a little envelop swapping. Like you, there will be stretches that I can’t respond at all, or can only start something that would need to stretch across many days. Additionally, I do not have notifications on this account, so there could be a gap between when you send something and when I respond; I lean to the high side of communication and will typically pop over a quick note to let you know I’m stuck in the grind.

Oh, one other question had to do with speaking for your partner’s character or imposing an action on them. The METAs suggest that this is a giant fax pas. In reality, I don’t care. I’m much more interested in getting into your head, making sure that the fantasy is gratifying and indulgent. Put words in my mouth (or other things), make me say the perfect thing in the moment. A partner’s gratification is ultimately my greatest kink. If you push my boundaries, I’ll try to play the part. I’m the baby of a horde of boys. It will be challenged to offend me, apart from my limits.

Kink list (bahaha). I looked at DPP’s and I don’t know what half of the list means. Self-described as vanilla, it is safe to say that I am firmly in the camp that refuses to accept “wholesome filth” as an oxymoron. Sex can be - should be, *has\ to be* - intense, gentle, fiery, funny and scintillating. Maybe all at once, when the stars align. Whether playful or passionate, IMHO shared arousal transcends that of the individual. This is also true about writing with you.

Headline take away: Don’t let me mess this up without firing a warning shot (grinning at that and leaving it because you should also know that I am a complete and total jackass).

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