[F4M] disaposable gal

I take care of my things. I want them to last. My dog takes get treats why not other property!

What do I need?

You are my property. I want to give you your treat. Tshirt, panties, report to the master bedroom and wait outside until someone comes to retrieve you.

Someone, an older man, gentleman, exits and requests you attach the presented blindfold. You are a good slut toy and cunt and you do it immediatly. The gentleman takes your arm and you begin to move, you assume, entering the master bedroom with within the the room mansion. It has a spa, pool and every amenities you can image. Your escort guides you for seems to be a rather long distance while blind folded. You are instructed to not open your eyes.....more? The master begins to move five of the most beautiful, toned, tight abs and nice arm men. Gorgeous, hand picked. They are naked, every one has a cock that has been waiting for this moment. They are clean, well groomed (not to well groomed, they are fucking men, you cunt) What you cant see is the surprise. The have beautiful cocks, bigger than average, not a giant, horsecock type, but the type you want to look at, admire while you feel your pussy tingle, you know that feeling? Like you know you are just about to get the greatest pleasure of a lifetime. Just thinking that gets you wet. But you are blindfolded and have no idea! continue?

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