[F4M] I'm Tired of Being Innocent--I Need You To Take My Virginity! [Script Fill][Good Churchgoing Girl][Bad Boy][Confession][Fingering][Blowjob][Gagging][Rough Sex][Doggystyle][Creampie][Virgin][Southern Accent]

Where do I even start with this one, Blue? You first entranced me with your Southern accent almost two years ago with that little gem, One Stoplight Town, and I've been waiting for another dose ever since. You play the perfect Southern Belle Blue, and I hope you embrace that side of you more often.

Firstly, the premise is fantastic! I know it's a stereotype, but I can't help but fall in love with it; The innocent southern girl desperate to rebel. I guess it's something primal inside me, but hearing that naïveté being shattered is so much fun! That fantasy is bolstered by your adept voice acting. Your "softer" voice fits brilliantly with the character, and the pauses representing a little hesitation enhance it even more.

Your sweet kisses send shivers down my spine. They're so tender, so filled with passion, that I can't help but be overwhelmed. The breathiness really enhances that feeling as well. Your moans, of course, are a never ending fountain of pleasure, but having them juxtaposed with the character's innocence makes them all the more special.

Your blowjob sounds are a marvel. I've only heard a few people rival them, and I love the little sounds that increase their depth. Hearing a little bit of a gag, the wet sounds, the sucking and kissing sounds, and the little moans all work together to deliver an amazing performance.

Hearing the dirty talk once the sex begins is a wonderful experience. Listening to what's supposed to be an innocent lass say such delightfully sinful things is tantalizing. The build-up throughout that part of the scene was a lot of fun. As you got louder, breathless, and more desperate I couldn't help but climb that climax with you.

The ending was relentlessly sweet as well. I was helplessly ensnared by this delightful audio. Thank you so much for sharing, Blue.

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