Face carved into an apple with toothpicks inserted. It has 'gūl' written on the back

I don't even think it says 'gūl' but probably 'girl' in cursive (as someone above pointed out). There's a hand-drawn face with long hair on one side, and the nasty face on the back. Perhaps these faces reflect one another.

Anyway, that's just speculation. My actual point for commenting was to say that diacritics (the flat bar over the ū is one--a macron, technically) just denote vowel length and often aren't used by native speakers despite the fact that you'll commonly find them in language textbooks. Usually the Scandinavian languages have their own ways of dealing with this (whether umlaut or something else), but I would rule anything out because of the diacritic.

In any case, I think it probably just says 'girl', for the reasons stated above.

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