The face of fear

The medical expert said if he found him dead in his home with that level of fentanyl in his system he would rule it an OD, no shit, it would be obvious. He obviously had a high tolerance, fentanyl builds a huge tolerance very quickly. You can go from small doses to ones that would kill most people in a relatively short period of consistent use. It’s one of the things that draws people into the addiction so hard.

They found pressed fentanyl pills, dirty 30s as they are called on the street. It’s rare for people to actually eat those, they usually snort or slam them because you lose a ton of the effectiveness by eating them. I simply don’t believe a hard core addict would ever waste his product by eating it. It’s too precious when you’re in that state.

I’ve been an addict, I now work with addicts. I know how this game goes. I’ve seen a fucking lot of people overdose and none of them looked anything like Floyd’s death. He was way too aware throughout the ordeal. His breathing complaints happened while conscious. That’s not how ODs work, the way they work is that you lose consciousness and then you stop breathing, in that order. There’s also usually seizures after a short while of little to no breathing.

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