Facebook acquired Oculus 1 year ago today. In that time, has your opinion changed as to whether or not the buyout was good for the Rift?

As a daily frequenter on /r/Oculus I can say that after the Vive was announced there has been a definitely atmosphere of resentment towards Oculus at the moment. We've all been desperately waiting for the Rift to come out and we're getting tired. We've been waiting since roughly last year's E3 for some solid information on the Rift CV1 (Consumer Version 1) as we felt that it's getting close to being released, yet even as of today we've had next to no solid information whatsoever. We continued to wait patiently because the Rift was our only worthy upcoming VR experience that we've all been anticipating for years. Every interview was filled with vague comments or simply "we have nothing to announce at this time" yet there was a constant push from them for the Gear VR product, a directly inferior product to the rift that was reliant on you buying a specific phone from a specific phone manufacturer.

Then HTC and Valve announce the Vive, completely out of the blue and totally unexpected. Impressions were praising it very highly. A solid release-window was announced for it, a solid input-solution was shown with it, a ground-breaking tracking-solution was demonstrated with it. It was super exciting. Not only is the Vive shaping up to be an amazing competitor to the Rift it's powered by one of our favorite companies of all time - Valve. There were other factors for this being so exciting such as Valve having already shown-off a groundbreaking VR experience at the start of 2014 with 'The Room' demo. The hype-train accelerated to full speed and produced gems like this.

Suddenly we didn't have to rely on Oculus who was only giving vague hints, and who are owned by a massive cooperation (Facebook) who shadily make money from selling user's information. Am I personally resentful at Oculus? No, I'm just tired of waiting and I'm now more excited for Valve's solution which has good reasons for me to believe it'll be great.

Ultimately this probably isn't going to affect the Rift that much depending on how long they take to get solid info out there. However they have said they're taking serious pressure from developers that are a bit alienated / frustrated by being asked to develop for the Rift which currently has no input solution. Oculus is still repeatedly saying they don't have an input solution nailed down. I suspect this is going to cause developers to gravitate towards SteamVR (which includes the Vive) because it has input that they've shown to work, in addition to a release-window for the device. If Oculus doesn't announce information such as release date and input solution very quickly they could lose ground.

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