The Facebook Group for the Million Nurse March is a disaster.

sure, but when the organizers are still trying to finalize what the actual message of the rally should be, who’s handling the media, trying to get permits in place, and what kind of speakers they’re going to have, I feel like multiple different people trying to discuss the color of everyone’s scrubs is pretty unnecessary.

if the organizers wanted to use FB, sure fine whatever, but I think they should’ve made it so only they can post, or everyone else could only comment on certain posts. idk enough about how FB works, but they opened the flood gates way too early in the process, in my opinion.

it’s a very discombobulated mess right now, and they’re not even vetting the members of the group to see who actually works in healthcare or are even nurses. I applaud the fact that they’re even trying to get something started, but….herding cats right now.

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