Facebook a major threat to public health: Report

Why should these private companies be forced to give this content they don't agree with a platform, especially if they believe it negatively affects their company?

The law hasn't caught up to the way the world has changed in the last 15 years.

Isn't that violating their free speech?

No. These are public domains and public forums, kind of lkke a an old fashioned public square where anyone can stand up and say what they want.

All these companies are now the news and where most people go and get their information. If they they are removing content they don't agree with then they should be treated as a publisher.

You're free to make your own platform if you believe these companies are violating your free speech.

Yes, the old classic line classic line that gets trotted out time and time again like it is something simple to do.

There are other platforms Minds, Gab, Parlor. Do you think these don't get suppressed by the goliaths of the internet? Also they have to have storage which companies won't provide for them. Paypal, gofundme will refuse to service them.

But yeah start you own platform.

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