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Minutes had gone by and the class still sat there slow-clapping... The students' eyes darted back and forth wondering when the slow-clapping would end. Finally, the teacher rose from her chair and stood tall on top of her desk, gracefully motioning for an end to the slow-applause.

"People of this classroom", her voice pierced the silence with a thunderous authority. "We have just witnessed a point proven with a historic amount of cleverness."

Tears streamed down the students eyes. Even the boy who had been knocked to the floor stood up with a trembling salute. To this day, the students claim that the tears in his eyes were pouring even more rapidly than the blood from his jaw.

The teacher taken aback by the emotion whispered through her tears, "Now let us silently lay crisp $100% bills at this glorious point-prover's feet."

The students one by one lay the bills at her feet and not a single student could look our heroine in the eyes, for it was at that moment that they realized they were mere peasants in her presence.

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