Facebook Removes Trump Propaganda Page After It Was Revealed It Was Run From Ukraine

Since nobody is pointing this out or seems to actually read the article it says 500 people at most even saw the page like that’s going to do anything?

And I don’t honestly see the problem. It’s like if a YouTube personality from another country said I like this us candidate are they now influencing the election? Why care if another country likes one or the other. The reason trump won wasn’t Russians it was The fake liberals. And Hillary being a garbage candidate saying vote for me I have a vagina. She may have gotten popular vote but majority of states didn’t like her obviously cause she lost. And democrats lost their shit and are still losing their shit. Going to the extreme ideology of liberalism that got trump elected in the first place. I’m voting red till socialism ideology and identity politics die in the Democratic Party. And when they stop labeling and calling for violence. They are a disgrace to our democracy. And them trying desperately to undermine our democracy since 2016 and that’s proof enough they can’t be trusted anymore.

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