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None of the stand-alone games on the quest are worth playing so that’s not a pro.

That's an opinion; I find the standalone games I play on Quest are fine, and a lot more convenient to play anywhere in my house and facing whatever direction I want without having to be tethered to a PC.

Index requires external trackers yes, but the tracking is more accurate and better overall.

Can't argue with that, although my only other experience with external trackers was a Rift CV1. They work better.

The quest also has noticeable input lag when being used as pcvr (especially wireless) and has a smaller fov.

I don't notice input lag when coming from a Rift CV1. On-paper, the latency is more than double though, but I'd say Link and wireless PCVR apps do a good enough job at mitigating it.

The only reason to buy the quest is if you want to play silly gimmicky basically mobile games like on its standalone store, or if you want cheap pcvr.

Quest has the best inside-out tracking, so if you aren't looking to mess with base stations, your only other modern option is a G2, which is terrible with tracking, and double the price.

Oh btw your gonna have to buy an extra $80 link cable to use it as pcvr.

A few points about this:

  • At least that cable is readily available to purchase. If I break it somehow, I can run to my local store, and buy another one that same day. Any other PCVR headset needs a special cable, and unless I purchase it ahead of time, I'll be out-of-commission until the manufacture decides to send me another one, or I buy an over-priced one online from a 3rd-party.
  • You can use any off-the-shelf USB-C cable as long as it meets basic specifications (can be passive up to 10ft for good USB controllers, but ideally needs active beyond that). I've had a 16ft $20 cable that worked fine.
  • The official $80 Link cable is one-of-a-kind and appropriately priced. You aren't getting a 16ft, thin, active, optical USB-C cable anywhere else for cheaper. And in my case, I use it for an external HDD and Xbox controller every now and then, so it isn't limited to just Quest PCVR.
  • Wireless PCVR also makes a cable a non-requirement; most people already have a wireless router.

The initial allure of PCVR is over for me, and I can't just casually drop $1000 into a VR set-up for the little use I do with it nowadays. My GPU isn't great (RX 580). And I'm not necessarily a fan of having to deal with base stations (got tons of holes in my walls/ceiling trying to get it right with my CV1 back in the day).

A Quest 2 for $300 is perfect for my usage, and there's no other headset in existence that I can buy that's comparable (aside from a Quest 1 I guess). And I don't see any other manufacturer coming close to matching that experience any time soon; inside-out tracking, wireless PCVR, nor standalone are easy, nor is meeting a $300-400 price tag.

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