Facebook users poses: Save a hunter, kill a Hmong

Jesus Christ, pick apart what I'm saying even more, why don't you? I did not sweep the racism under the rug, I brought it up and discussed it in class. Cultural clash/misunderstanding is a part of racism and I don't ignore any of those.

And the original user that was criticizing my use of "the Hmong" was (I believe) referring to people's usage in a similar way to saying "the Jews" in a disrespectful way. Each way I used it here is grammatically appropriate and not in the slightest way disrespectful. You are picking apart my language to deliberately find something to be offended about. How else should I have phrased my sentence that includes "the Hmong man"? Huh?

You people (and, because I have to qualify absolutely every thing I say here, I mean "you people" as a directive towards the three users that are treating me like a shithead here) have for some reason turned this into a personal and racially-charged attack. Just fucking leave me alone. Stop trying to "correct" me - I assure you that I am NOT part of the problem and that your collective nitpicking of my language and terminology is having the opposite effect; every effort I make is met with even more accusations of racism. Do you think that I even want to try anymore? Why was I here in this subreddit in the first place?

You have told me I'm an ignorant white person and have driven me from my attempts to be more understanding here. How are you any better than what you are accusing me of? This is NOT the way to treat someone like me (or anyone, for that matter).

I suggest in your future interactions with people who seek to understand more about Hmong culture, you not turn them into some demon who you believe is trying to marginalized an entire culture. That is the furthest fucking thing from my posts here.

Now just fucking leave me alone. This whole interaction in this thread has broken my heart and makes me dread returning to school.

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