We Fact-Checked Fox News' Racist Lie. It Turns Out, the Pandemic Is Worse in Republican States

We're calling them selfish because their lack of vaccination is putting everyone around them at risk as well. The more people that get infected, the more chances the virus has to mutate into a version that can bypass the vaccine, which puts everyone at risk AGAIN. This isn't just a case of idiots hurting themselves being stupid like drinking bleach or anything, where the damage is only towards themselves and their loved ones; They're running around spreading a virus that can affect ALL OF US due to their lack of protection.

I can sympathize to an extent with black people being hesitant about the vaccine due to the horrid atrocities inflicted on them by medical groups in the name of science (Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment as an example), but it's still no excuse. And frankly it's even LESS of an excuse for non-black people given that the only reason they're like this is because of the disinformation peddled by Trump and his lackies for political gain. THEY DON'T HAVE AN EXCUSE.

The only unvaccinated I have complete sympathy for is young children and people with medical conditions that makes them have to rely on herd immunity, because THEY can't get the vaccine even if they want to, and it makes me even angrier at the willingly unvaccinated because they're basically gambling the lives of the two groups I mentioned above out of sheer selfishness and stubbornness.

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