The fact that people think natives were good people is stupid


People act like the Spaniards conqured the Aztecs by technology, but they didn't. Do they really think 508 men and 16 horses conquered a nation with tens of thousands of soldiers or more? Like hell. He won because the Aztec were tyrants who slaughtered innocents by the thousands on their alters, and enslaved. So when cortez shows up willing to take them on, all the smaller non Aztec natives joined his side.

That and I hate this romanticized view of native American life. My father inlaw is convinced this nation would be better had it never been discovered. That he'd just ride his horse on the open Prarie and live in peace. As if tribes didn't constantly war and pillage, and like horses even existed here before Europeans! Hell, they hadn't even invented the wheel.

Yeah, Europeans did some shitty things, but it doesn't help anyone to forget the evils of others simply because an easy scapegoat exists.

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