Facts are not facts: Vivek Agnihotri.

The hate filled machinery has be to oiled up every now and then to make sure hate is consistent. Fear and anger are one of the strongest emotions, therefore in order to consolidate majority votes which aids in politics and therefore retaining power BJP has to selectively endorse things. Also the thing is BJP has made sure they make this ecosystem very resourceful because the ruling brass is mainly Gujjus, in the sense wealth is consolidated into selected few and then recycling and refuelling their hate campaign. It's not by coincidence majority of news channels are owned by the richest person in country. The electoral bonds are tied up to political favouritism.

I on personal level dont care much about blood money may be this ecosystem has also killed my conscience, for instance if BJP was a listed company I would have invested in it simply because they have mastered the art of generating wealth through hate.

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