"Facts can, indeed, be violent" and other gems in this trainwreck

As someone already pointed out, the binary is caused by the SRY found in males, and so you can have XY in women (if they lack the SRY) a condition called Swyer syndrome (IIRC). So outwardly, sex is very much a binary construct... That is not a human invention.

However I believe that she might be referring to the spectrum of sexual behaviors/psychological states that go along with sex. If I had to guess at what this spectrum would be I would say it like this.

-XY male

-XYY "syndrome", which is outwardly normal male which only differs by karyotype

-XXY Klinefelter syndrome, which is a sterile male with other defects (XXXXY is far more rare, but is also included in the klinefelter spectrum)

-XXYY males, causes an array of development issues

-XX de la Chapelle syndrome causing the development of a male with two X chromosomes (due to a cross over in the father during meiosis producing an X chromosome with the SRY)

-XY homosexual male

-XY transgendered

-XY lacking SRY, thus outwardly female

-X Turner syndrome, presenting an array of physical abnormalities

-XX transgendered

-XX homosexual female

-XXX and XXXX which don't have many traditional symptoms and produce relatively normal females (as opposed to the extremely rare XXXXX which causes severe mental retardation)

-XX female

Obviously it is very diverse, and possibly can be considered a spectrum.... But for the most part people do fit into a dichotomy of male and female. Transgender only means that you psychologically identify with the opposite sex you are born with. Homosexuality only means you are sexually attracted to the same sex.

Of course there are bisexuals and asexuals, which I'm not sure how I'd put that into this spectrum... But by in large, people identify with being a male or a female, and they are born being either a male or a female. So at that point I believe the "spectrum approach" falls apart.

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