[Faidutti's blog post] Tom Vasel and few others

Yeah, I'll be honest, I strongly dislike Tom Vasel's reviews! I know that's a pretty negative thing to say, but they really irritate me. I find that, more often than not, they lack cohesion and effort. I feel like his reviews are just him adlibbing his thoughts about the game, and I don't find his thoughts relevant enough to me to care. A good reviewer should be able to outline a game, and what it's like to play it, and then give some clinical discussion about what they think works and what doesn't. For me, it's all about Tom, and not enough about the game.

But, then again, one of his all-time top 10 games is that Marvel vs X-Men dice game, which is one of my most passionately hated games of all time -- so I was probably never going to be his target market.

I just compare his work with Shut Up and Sit Down, for example. Those guys spend a lot of time writing, filming, and producing their content. Everything is really considered and performed as well as they can for their audience. Even Rahdo, who makes fairly regular mistakes with his explanations, is far preferable to Tom Vasel for me, because he's so genuine and lovely and, again, I feel like his content is something he really cares about. Same with Tantrum House--even though they are cheeeeeeesy as hell, they're just real nice people who love talking about board games. In comparison, I feel like Tom Vasel enjoys having people hear him talk about board games, like he's an authority on what's good and what's not, and that his sheer volume of content is reflective of his ego.

I literally have no idea why I'm so passionate about this...

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