I failed and don't know what to do now.

I just got kicked out too.

Listen idk what your Major is, but if it's CS or SE then do not feel bad, colleges do a TERRIBLE job at showing students what the real beauty of programming and technology is.

If you get depressed and fed up with Classes it's honestly not your fault. Colleges treat you like a customer and could care less, so fuck them. Some professors are just shitty at their jobs so more often than not classes are a waste of money as far as actually learning employable skills.

I made an A in Computer Architecture and i can't explain how much bs we had to learn, yes it's theory, but that theory doesn't translate into useful knowledge. They should teach it using Microcontrollers or something.

Pick yourself up, put University on hold, attend a Community College and go search for what it is you enjoy doing and go do that. Life is too fucking short to be a misserable mess.

I know you feel like a failure, but there's thousands of people today who are in a worse position than you who have to deal with life and solve their own issues. Look deep inside yourself and do some thinking and try to do everything you can to achieve the goal you have in your head, that is the point of life, to just keep trying and not give up.

If you need to, go see a therapist, but try to be a motivator for yourself because no matter what happens in your life, you will be beside yourself the most, so make the most of your time with yourself and search for meaning in something and don't let that go and keep going.

Best of luck to you.

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