She failed the intelligence test

If this beautiful (but somewhat unintelligent) woman had such a horrid profile, what would make you think that your comments would be the impetus she would need to hear to change it? And, if she didn't realize her profile was atrocious (which she didn't), your message would have arrived as an unwelcome surprise (which it was).

Alternately, had she been open to your suggestions, your initial outreach and subsequent assistance would have been legitimately pathetic: your efforts would have resulted in a roundabout, somewhat sneaky method of connecting with her to foster intimacy. If you're as important as you say you are, you really shouldn't have to do that, nor should you want to....

What you're doing is the online equivalent of going into a bar, finding a "9", and calling her a "7". You do realize that, right?

This leads me to the conclusion that you were legitimately upset that your charade didnt work because on some level, you know this is your only "in" with women who aren't on your level looks-wise. If you weren't upset, it wouldn't have affected you to the extent that you subsequently felt the need to post here and defend your rationale with such headstrong defiance for facts, social mores and general kindness.

ALSO - I'm calling out your friend's "Herald" test as bullshit. If this were true - or if your friend actually did something along these lines - a POT would not be eliminated for not "lighting up" at the sight of one specific newspaper. What if the POT were a fluent German speaker and exclusively read Der Spiegel for their excellent analysis? What if she preferred listening to NPR, or read The New Yorker, or The Economist, or the Washington Post or The New York Times? Frankly, this sounds too similar to the "Candidate Doesn't Get a Job Because He Salts His Food Before Tasting It" urban legend....

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