The failed operation to save John Edward Jones, a caver who took a wrong path and got stuck upside down in a tunnel measuring 10 by 18 inches (25 by 46 cm) while exploring Nutty Putty cave in Utah. He died of cardiac arrest after being stuck for 28 hours

Wow this is incredibly tragic. I have a question though. I saw someone say the rescuers were able to get him free enough where they could actually see his face before the pulley broke and ultimately sealed his fate within the cave. However I just read that when they lifted him the FIRST time and his feet touched the top of the tunnel he screamed in pain. I don’t doubt that any of this happened but looking at this diagram how did they simultaneously lift him to where he hit his feet but also be able to get him out far enough to where they saw his face? Like how far exactly did he make it out before the pulley broke? Cause if they were debating on breaking his legs how’d he get far enough to see his face without breaking his legs?

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