The Fair Tax Act Aims to Abolish the IRS and Set a National Sales Tax. Here's How It Would Work

The Fair Tax isn't regressive. It contains a $1000.00 a month tax rebate for every citizen over the age of 18, whether they pay taxes or not. Although most sales taxes are regressive, the inclusion of the rebate makes the tax a progressive tax. The Fair tax also makes taxes "use taxes" meaning that taxes can be apportioned to the offset the government resources that are consumed in proportion to how they are used. (i.e., fuel taxes can be dedicated to roads an infrastructure.)

The majority of international economists that specialize in taxation believe that National Sales Taxes are the most efficient way to collect taxes.

The fair tax bill has been put forth every year for as long as I can remember. The problem is that you've got a bunch of f&#king hurr durr maga hats screaming "Cancel the IRS." They're tainting a really good, rational and efficient plan with their bombastic ignorance.

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