I was fairly certain World War Three started up this morning.

Hunting or target practice? Generally if you're hearing lots of shots when hunting it means they're terrible shooters.

Although, I can't say I didn't waste some ammo this year during deer hunting season. Story time! I bought a new rifle earlier in the year, a Zastava N-PAP. Grabbed the goodies needed to turn it into a decent hunting rifle. I hunt with a group of 2 other people. First day of the season about 2hrs in I hear, then see three deer walking up the hill to the side of me. Generally don't watch that spot because there's some really thick witch hazel bushes that make good shots near impossible. So I waited, and they moved away from the bushes enough where I could get some good clear shots in. I aim for the first deer in the group, make a perfect shot, it goes down almost instantly. They start moving, managed to get a good sight on the 2nd and hit it in the lungs, it made it about 100 yards. At this point the 3rd one is starting to get moving, but with the other two in the way it instead starts running towards me. I take a shot at it and miss, hitting it in the back leg, somebody was getting a few less steaks. :( This slowed it down, but trying to get another good shot on it with my scope while it was running towards me through the trees wasn't going to happen. I drop down to the iron sights and take another shot getting it in the heart/lungs. The third deer finally went down about 10 yards down the hill from me. Six shots, 4 hits (no gut shots!), and 3 deer in a matter of seconds. Calmed myself down took good note of where all the shots were taken and went off to find the one that I hit in the lungs that ran off. Finding it, decided that it would be mine so I put my tag on it and walk back to the others.

About the time I get back to the other deer my dad shows up and says "Having fun with your new toy?", I replied "Yeah, we're done for the season". He couldn't believe that I managed to get 3 deer.

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