Fairly new HENRY here: How do you guys navigate dating efficiently?

Which seems reasonable. Unfortunately, my take here based on 80% of the answers is that "it is all in your head", "gold diggers don't exist in this tax bracket", and "you must make millions for that", "you are lowkey misogynistic".

Some answers have been great but there has been some major gaslighting going on here. As if I don't live in the real world and haven't been exposed to and experienced 1st hand situations related to gold-digging.

Making 30k after taxes and dating someone on 160k after taxes is a life-changing event. Whether they can grasp there is a world outside the US or not. Your whole life will change.

It isn't millions but it is life-changing money. After my expenses, savings, pension, investments... I have about 3k to 4k every month to spend, which is more than double what used to be my salary. In London, living the life I live, this amount can definitely keep the wrong person around.

To pretend that it is all in my head is insulting. So disappointing to see how much political correctness is going on here.

There will be others who don't care in the least.
It is your job to have your standards regarding dating/relationships and figure out the other person.
Everyone is different

I fully agree with that.

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