Faith, it seems, is something God (the epitome of unaccountable power) requires of the "lesser" beings to justify the lack of transparency God created for himself.

This is like calling gravity an “unaccountable power”. While semantically true, it’s a weirdly misguided way to frame it.

The above, imo, has parallels to human (governmental power) behavior.

God is not a celestial “man in the sky” issuing arbitrary edicts. He is (if he exists let’s say, which you seem to be tacitly conceding for some reason despite the atheist tag?) ipsum esse subsistens — being itself subsisting; as well as quite literally being equivalent to what we can think of as “Platonic ideals” of such things as truth, or love, or capital the capital G Good. You may be thrown off by the pronoun of “He”, which is not some sort of implication that he’s literally a man, just as the Sun is not considered to be literally a man by certain strands of Paganism which use terms like “Father Sun”.

If this is the case, as purported by all major Churches that weren’t invented five minutes ago in history by American fundamentalists, then you’re simply being a bit silly.

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