I have a fake ID but I can't get girls. What do?

Some friendly tips I guess.

  1. Don't go to clubs to pick up girls unless you look like a Greek God. This is because at clubs it is hard to talk so girls cant get to know you so they will judge based on looks alone. Also girls will probably be in groups and if you are a little bit awkward or deemed strange by the girl's friends, you will also have a hard time because they will try to persuade the girl you like to not go with you.

  2. Before getting girls as you would say, you need to have some sort of "social value". Do you have any good hobbies? Are you somewhat attractive? Basically, what things do you bring to the table that you can use to relate with a girl or make a girl interested in YOU.

  3. I'm assuming you are in high school or college. High school is hard because everyone knows each other so if you were already labeled as not cool or are ugly, then the best you can do is find your niche of friends and talk to the cute girls in that group. Also if you are still in high school, make a mental list of girls who you think will be "late bloomers". That means girls who you think will become hot or prettier later on in life, like by the time they turn 20 or something like that. If you are in college, join clubs and make friends in classes. Go out to house parties or bars. Those places are better for finding girls and new friends compared to clubs because clubs are super loud and again, see point 1.

  4. A few last things. When you go out on weekends, your main point should be to have fun. You shouldn't have to be dependent on getting a girl to have fun. Just go out with a small group of friends, (Max 4-5 if all guys) and have fun. Dance, banter around, talk shit secretly, make new friends, etc.) Also when picking up girls, start with the small things. Approach girls and just make friendly conversation to see what their interests are and if any of them are similar to yours. Try going the next step and get her number. If the convo is going super well and the party is late, you can try to isolate her if she is with friends. If she is into you, you can say semi-retarded things and she will still laugh or agree to do whatever. For example, if the party is late and you want to try to take her back or go back to her place, just say something like, lets go grab a bite before we head out. (CONFIDENCE IS KEY TO EVERYTHING I TALK ABOUT). Another method that can work is if it is during the middle of the party and it is loud and you want to isolate her is to say something like "The party is too loud, lets go somewhere more quiet to talk" and then lead her outside to talk. You can talk a little bit and probably lean in for a kiss and escalate from there.

If you still need help becoming more social, I would recommend practicing overcoming the social anxiety or lack of social skills first. Without any social skills, getting girls is super hard. Plus you will need social skills later in life. Also don't just creep around and focus on a girl, especially if she is in a group of friends. You have to be friendly with her friends too. In fact, you should just be friendly towards everyone, guys or girls.

If you have more questions or can add any specific problem you are encountering I can try to help out.

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