Falcon Dive and Dark Dive proving themselves useful again and again.

Ganondorf and Falcon have a notorious problem that's called crocking. Essentially, Ganondorf and Falcon get put in a really bad disadvantage state if the opponent techs their up B as the tech naturally lunges the character forward which would happen to be where Ganondorf and Falcon are at. Many characters can just fair after teching and straight up kill Ganondorf and Falcon for daring to land their UpB with virtually any move that has knock back.

Both have to recover from their recovery hitting so the opponent who teched can easily follow up and kill them with a literally stray hit. Hell, it's a strategy for many players at a higher level to always edge guard the two, because they're at dangerous spots regardless if they land their UpB or not. Falcon and Ganondorf can not afford to be sent back further without a double jump as they don't gain much vertical distance and their recovery is one of the easiest to gimp.

Not only that, but the opponent can just get back to stage and now both characters are in a really bad spot.

As you can see here, the Link could have simply gone back to stage and forced Ganondorf to a really shitty spot or used Nair, or done really a lot of other things. Ganondorf can literally just do one thing only, which is UpB.

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