Fall Parking

The system is abysmally set up (I got mine yesterday), but here is how it works.

  1. There is actually information on the website (just not where you would expect).
  2. Go to the Event Parking (Yes, they listed it as an event. No I don't know why.)
    1. If you click the link and find yourelf in the normal transportation protal, log out of your account. You can not sign up for a pass while logged in.
  3. Select "Purchase Event Permit"
  4. Agree to TOS (as if you have a choice).
  5. You should see an option labled "Student Summer Permits"
  6. Select Summer 2021
  7. Enter the voucher code 2021Summer (again, for... reasons....)
  8. Select the summer session permit or whole summer permit you want.
  9. From there, it is all entering your vehicle information + your information.

Note: Summer parking is valid for ALL student lots.

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