Falling in love with someone you can’t have is the worst feeling ever, period. What is your story on how you overcame this feeling?

I dated someone for three months, seeing each other nearly every day from the start. I really fell for her in the moment. It was going really well until I told her I wasn’t interested in seeing anyone else. She literally didn’t respond when we were lying in bed together. After that she started pulling away, and eventually pretty much ghosted me.

We got back in touch and tried to go on a date with her, but it was just off. She ended up telling me she was dating other people, and I eventually called it off.

I went hard into drinking and bad decisions. Already dealing with some mental health problems, I just couldn’t handle it. Eventually got my shit together, sobered up for almost a year, lost a ton of weight, and got in a better head space.

It forced me to realize that there isn’t anything certain in other people’s behavior, and that I have to be satisfied in myself. It also showed me that losing a person you’re crazy about is okay. As much as this all sounds like common sense, I feel like a lot of people have to experience something similar to learn this lesson.

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