Fallout 4 and Skyrim mods are still not working and Bethesda is prioritizing 76 and Creation Club.

It was 100% intential.

It was ah they could try and force people to buy that shit show 76. I knew it'd be shit, and the back lash was immense.

They also broke the area near Nick Valentine, in Swan's Pond. If you ever go there the game almost always CTDs even without mods, CC Content etc.

They won't fix it, because;

  1. They don't give a fuck.
  2. It'd defeat their goal of forcing people to play 76.
  3. They can't milk money from the naive younger fans with free mods.
  4. They refuse to use an engine that isn't 22 years old, or keep servers up to date.

I'm no longer planning on buying anymore Bethesda products because of how scummy they have become, that and because they keep using a severely outdated engine and never fix game breaking bugs.

My biggest issue with them is the fact they leave the games unfinished and filled with bugs, leave the modders to fix it with the unofficial patch mod, then conveniently the mod servers crash, and don't get fixed.

Is plain as day. Bethesda are just thots now.

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