Fallout 76 Discussion and Information Thread

Fallout76 sounds like absolute shit and here’s why: 1. there is no need for it to be a ESO reskin. I’d rather it be another fallout game with optional co-op. 2. its a complete overhaul of what people liked. Nothing is familiar and a lot is in the dark, I hate that. It’s annoying when base mechanics are talked about in maybes. 3. It’s going to be another game where the handful of assholes ruin it for everyone. People who spec into nothing but really long range sniping will ruin fun for others despite the supposed “wanted” system. Take GTA as an example.

People who say just don’t buy it wait for the next one it might not be a shitty eso reskin, are wrong. We’ve been waiting for a good fallout game since new Vegas. Fallout 4 is boring after one go and there simply aren’t enough mods or overhauls to make any other game worth replaying the amount of times I have. I’m still going to waste money on this game and regret it though because fallout is my favorite game series ever. Bethesda should’ve handed the reins to obsidian a long time ago anyway. I just hope that Bethesda doesn’t sink this series with two terrible un-fun unappealing games in a row. What we should’ve gotten was fallout 5, a well written, fun, interesting story driven RPG with 4 player co-op as an option. But whatever I guess we’re getting a game where players can just fucking nuke and entire region of the map for shits and giggles and ruin the experience for everyone else.

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