Fallout New Vegas Vs. Skyrim

I'm gonna say "No" personally, but your taste is your own.

Skyrim has:

Dawnguard, which is pretty good but kind of a slog most of the time. It almost doesn't matter if you side with the Hunters or the Vampires, it kinda leads to the same places and similar results.

Hearthstone, which just lets you build a house and adopt kids

And Dragonborn, which is actually pretty kickass. Especially if you played Morrowind back in the day. You visit Morrowind after being attacked by cultists saying you are not the true Dragonborn. You go to investigate where they came from aaaaaand.... well. I don't spoil it too much. But boy howdy, you get into some fucking shit I tell you h'wat.

now, For New Vegas? That has:

Honest Hearts, where you go to Utah and meet The Burned Man (that guy nobody is supposed to speak of in the Legion.) He's a really neat character and the story is pretty good. Not amazing, it's the weakest of the four, but still enjoyable.

Old World Blues, which is really funny and has stellar voice acting and writing, but can be a total slog too depending on your character. I went in as a sneaky melee/hand to hand guy and got royally served by robots and lazers. You basically talk to a bunch of brains in jars that want you to go kill and evil brain in a jar.

Dead Money, Which in my opinion? Has the best story of them all. It's not all told to you directly, but when you put the pieces together? It's actually really sad. It's also decently challenging too. You go to investigate an old world hotel, but before long you're knocked out and have a bomb strapped to your neck. Then you're told to find the other members of your team and rob the hotel.

and lastly, The Lonesome Road. This one explains who you are and why the courier was given the task of delivering the chip in the first place. It ties up all the loose ends in the main story and answers all the questions, while introducing the sort of real antagonist of the game.

I think you get more bang for your buck with New Vegas's DLC but hey. If you like Skyrim? Play Skyrim. Just pick up the New Vegas stuff sometime in the future whenever you have spare money again.

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