False Idol — Why the Christian Right Worships Donald Trump

When we talk about a movement, we general talk about those who are driving it forward and spreading the word. Your neighbor who hears the rhetoric at church and sees aborted fetus pictures in chain emails and says "hell yeah I'm pro-life" and that's about it... They aren't really who I mean when I say "they" and "pro-lifers". I don't mean the followers who have little effect. I mean everyone who makes the movement move. The passionate active ones. They're the hypocrites of the highest order. Because they have a choice of what actions to take. And yet they continuously choose very poorly despite all evidence and reason. I.e. You want to protect the most fetuses and reduce abortions? Put down your poster demanding we punish a few people and pick up one collection plate for poor pregnant women and another for making birth control available and fully understood by those living in poverty around the world. They'd save at least one whole order of magnitude more lives for every hour of such efforts redirected. They'd also earn the title Pro-Life.

As it is, the title their actions earn is only "Woman Punishers".

Maybe their worst failure of cognition is to declare that God only gives a soul one chance and if it gets aborted or miscarried, well, too bad, sorry about it's luck. It'll have to wander Heaven now as a floating warm fuzzy with no concept of language or anything at all. Or whatever. Who's immoral now? You can't be that passionate about unborn souls without silently declaring that God's a sadistic mf'er.

And then the head really explodes when they say "our miscarriage was God's will, but we'll keep trying to get pregnant and when the time is right God will send her back to us". Wait, shouldn't a miscarriage be manslaughter? Isn't that soul stuck unborn forever? No? But abortion is still murder?

"Pro-life" was never designed to make rational sense as a movement to prevent loss of life.

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