Family bbq, good times and loads of requests !

A dj set is when you have premade crates of certain music that you play this could be monthly, weekly, per season or according to the hours

2 hour set 3 hour set 1 whole night of residency set

In shanghai for example when i used to host clubs we had the resident dj from 10-12, then the dj that we promote or hire at 12-3 then the resident again.

In bolivia house clubs have 4 djs per night where each dj plays a set or his set from an usb without the need of his controller or computer where he would play between 1:30 to 2 hours

Or top 40 clubs would have 2 djs where they each play 3 hours for an 6 hour night shift, some of them have sets pre-made where they already have it all figured out and know what to play.

Im a freestyle dj, i dont do any of that redbull threestyle bullshit or scratch or dj noises and sounds, i just like to simply interact with the crowd, read their faces and emotions towards the music i play and play it out along, this said

My playlist consists of complete crates per genre where i would mix and match according to the crowd and how the majority enjoys the music since its almost always impossible to please everybody on a mixed crowd.

I dont do sets, i do experiences

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