Family's negativity about my travel plans is really bothering me - they are just worried but I miss some support

We need more deets. Does she like to get drunk? Does she like to adventure out and party all night? stating at hostel? Hotel? airbnb? What areas?

As someone who has lived in colombia and costa rica.. Bad things happen after 12am. All it takes is ONE time to be around drunk tico's or colombians who want to take advantage of the solo naive young european with blue eyes and blonde hair. I really don't understand how everyone here is saying it's all safe and harmless.

She is 23, solo, and there will be drunk men looking to take advantage. People get drugged their all the time.. sure, kidnapping is so 90's. But drugged, robbed, raped is on the menu. I would not recommend visiting their alone if you answered yes to my first 2 questions.

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