Fans of the Souls series, what do you think of Bloodborne?

Beat the game, on NG+. Fantastic game, but much shorter and much more shallow then its predecessors. The combat is amazing, very fun, active, intense, and once you get into the flow of the game and aren't hording your supplies, but quickly tearing apart whole areas it is a lot of fun. Because of how few stats there are, it is pretty easy to find your self at the soft caps for most the stats, my character has 40 vit/str/dex and is working on getting arcane up.

Also I felt the game is pretty easy, and while I really hate the elitist part of the Souls community that can creep up sometimes, (get gud phag, game to easy, ur all casual go play call of dooty,) I really felt like the new aggressive combat style led to some really easy fights if you embraced it and went full out on bosses. I am currently in NG+, a mode that all souls games have that has stronger enemies and such, and I have one shotted all the bosses so far, and even in my first playthrough I was able to one shot nearly half the fights, which seems insane how much my dick was in the dirt in DeS, and DS1/2. I think a lot of it just has to do with me playing the hell out of the first three games, and being comfortable and trained in how to make myself better. I noticed myself breaking down movesets, stagger rates compared the heaviness of the weapon used verse the size of the enemy, and a bunch of shit like that. I watched how I played a lot more critically and grew a lot faster than I did in the previous games, which definitely made this game feel shorter. This is probably the reason why they went with a more aggressive style, to get away from the heavy tanks, and mages that most people played.

The atmosphere of the game is awesome. It is extremely potent the entire way through, and while the game has some jump scares, if you pay attention to the story and think about what is happening it is very creepy, and I had one moment last weekend as I as nearing the end of the game, playing in the dark that I became very creeped out as I was doing a cool secret. The graphics are great, very pretty even for a console game. It has its occasional framerate issues, but nothing so bad it is unplayable.

The extremely odd part of this game, is nearly half the game is optional, you can skip most the areas, bosses, and story if you are not a diligent explorer. While this can be bad, I actually really liked it, I felt really rewarded for checking areas again as the game progressed, and going back and trying to get into areas as I got new keys and tools and etc etc.

The pvp is a mess, its poorly done and I can only hope it is fixed in DLC someday. Played the entire game and was never invaded, not once which sucks, and I even spent a lot of time in areas where this could happen. Helping people is fun, I never summoned anyone to help me because that feels like cheating personally, but I helped others and that is really fun.

Loading times are insane, usually about 25 to 30 second, and while I wasn't bothered by them too much, they drive my roommate insane, especially since he is bad at the game, and is dead and watching the game load a lot. Actually the active combat system now with the way the supplies and healing works is actually really shitty for new/bad players. It causes the game to become very farming when you realize you are out of supplies all the time.

Still loved it, absolutely worth the price. But I was able to beat it and Platinum it in 65ish hours, without a guide, and a totally blind first playthrough. Platinum a fucking Souls style game in less that 100 something hours? That just feels wrong. You can make and argument that it wasn't fun to Platinum Dark Souls 1 because of the Knight's Honor trophy that took multiple playthroughs with planning to ensure you got every boss weapon, not to mention the multiple covenant weapons and such, or that farming rep in the Bell covenant in DS2 was terrible. But I really enjoyed that. I feel like there was stuff I still didn't understand for a long time in the other games. But Bloodborne, I feel like I understand it really well, the world, where all the secrets are, NPCs, how enemies work. Even the story, which the community is mulling over right now, the story is much more straightforward, but it does have quite a bit of shrouded parts and a good amount of mystery.

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