Was it as Fantastic as you hoped? I loved the movie! The beginning felt maybe a tad slow but when Newt and Jacob went into the suitcase it began to pick up for me. I loved the music and when it opened with Hedwig's theme I honestly got chills. A really good plot and more deep than I ever saw the Harry Potter series/world ever going. What surprised you? I was surprised at how deep and dark the plot got in terms of dealing with xenophobia and with child abuse, I never expected the HP world/series to ever deal with something like that. Credence being the whatsitcalled shocked me since I, like some of the audience, thought it was going to be Modesty. I was also shocked by his death as I was sure he would live. I accidentally spoiled myself for the fact Grindelwald was in the film but I was shocked when Graves ended up turning into him. What disappointed you? Honestly nothing. Again, the first little bit of the movie was a bit slow for me and I wasn't completely satisfied with the ending but I loved it. Are you going to see it again? I'll probably try. Any theories for the rest of the series? Nothing that hasn't been said. Did you dress up?/How was the atmosphere? Sadly no, my city isn't really about that. Good atmosphere though. Are you buying the book? 100%

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