I was down 38.90 (66.90-105.80) heading into MNF.

He was out of players and had lost Cook and Mattison as well as Carson early in game.

3 weeks ago as a flier I added Boone just in case, because I was overly optimistic I'd make the SB.

I started him to add possible salt in the wounds of a long time rival in the league.

I still had A Rodgers, A Jones and Boone to play. I was hoping Boone would pull off an early 75 yd td run, which would unlock Rodgers, and then Jones would run out the clock.

It didn't work out that way, but it worked out well nonetheless.

I won by 0.24 (106.04-105.80).

I also finished 2nd in regular season and he finished 1st, so it was a good season.

Beating the arch rival in this way in the final makes it even better.

Happy holidays to everyone and a happy new year.

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