Fantasy worldbuilders, tell me about the non "staple", non "beast-folk" races/species of your world.

Sure! I do think they're probably the most interesting species I've managed so far, but I almost exclusively work with humans these days so I don't really bother to expand on them. Anyways, here's just a few more things about them I can remember:

  • They kinda look like giant walking tulips to me. Rather, the "top" is like a tulip while the "bottom" is like a small lotus that the "top" grows out of. Their "arms" and "legs" are more like giant, elongated leaves.
  • Their home environment is warm and wet. When they were still a sci-fi species, their home planet was mostly jungle, swamp, and so on.
  • Like I said, since they have male and female, the "top" and "bottom" subspecies can combine in several ways - sometimes this will vary depending on culture. For instance, a culture with very clear and different gender roles would make sure only a male top is paired with a male bottom, and vice versa. Regardless, if they're separate genders, whether the top and bottom are considered married also varies from culture to culture. Unfortunately I've never figured out the details of how they determine the exact process of getting the top and bottom together - for instance, are they born like twins? Or are they just paired up early in life by whoemever society deems best?
  • The way in which they "play" their musical tones can help determine their mood. The possible example I thought of was after gaining access to human media, many of these plants used the fail trombone sound (I dunno what it's called, see here: when they were being sarcastic.
  • I had a vague (scrapped) idea for a sci-fi story about a group of space explorers, and one - well, two, technically - of these characters were these plants. The "top" and the dominant partner of the two was a Harrison Ford/Han Solo/Indiana Jones-type guy who's cynical, snarky, is good with the ladies (both plant and non-plant, somehow), an expert gunslinger, and constantly gives everyone else a "wat" face (well, the best a walking plant could do). The "bottom" is considered his "little sister" and she's seemingly sweeter and dumber but she's actually pretty intelligent and aggressive in her own way. Actually, I might rehash the characters for another story (though in my non-sci-fi world).

That's all I can think of. :/

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