Far Cry New Dawn

Ironically, the joke is on Ubisoft - I haven't purchased the last couple of far cry games specifically because all this noise is so fucking tiresome, it entirely turned me off the idea of paying for their products especially when they haven't done anything fresh with the gameplay in years.

The obvious tactics they are using to try and draw attention and get PR are inevitably working against them, and it becomes clear that as the focus moves to image and presentation and cultural context, the effort in the games themselves start to drop off. For as many clicks and views as they are getting, they are also losing customers as people stop playing their games simply because they are built according to a strict formula that really never changes. Now that all of their games are purposely designed to be samey open-world experiences, even to the degree of reusing tons of assets across different franchises, there's nothing to make them stand out, so they start focusing on marketing stunts and shit like race baiting.

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