The Far-Right Grift: Ex-Muslim Edition

For a Pakistani exMuslim, it isn't the racist white people that want to ban immigrants that is threatening them, it's the state and the largely Muslim populace

This was the point made during the last podcast with Yasmine. It's ridiculous how Western-centric all of these people are, basically conspiracy-theorists that are trying to tie literally every ill in the Muslim world on a societal or individual level down to white colonists/Western oppression. This is a hard pill to swallow for these people, as they come up in academic and social settings that hardwire into their brain that white people are the cause of all mayhem and destruction across the globe.

Again, it's a very selfish way of operating in the world. The muslim world had existed for 1,200 years - with all of its' faults, brutality, tribalism, violence, etc. before Napoleon arrived on the shores of Egypt.

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