Far-right 'hate factory' still active on Facebook despite pledge to stop it

If only there were other ways to talk to people, like in person, or on a phone, or a text message, or an email, or photo sharing via your phone, or photo sharing via photo sharing websites.

Yeah, it’s a real shame a piece of shit like Facebook is the only way to keep up with people.

When you realize that you aren’t actually “keeping up with people” through Facebook, you won’t need it anymore. If you actually care about those people, you can make an effort to include them in your actual life. If that’s not important, are those people really that close to you? Facebook, and “distant” friends is not a real thing when you think about it.

I deleted mine years ago, and every “distant” person that couldn’t keep up with personal interactions, I realized was unnecessary in my life. If you can’t call, text, or email, and we’ll never see each in person? We’re not friends.

I would rather have 5 close friends, than 50, or 500 that don’t care, or can’t make time to actually talk, or hang out. It’s okay to let people go. There is no obligation to keep people in your life throughout its entirety.

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