I want to fast for the first time tomorrow (I'm Jewish in my 20s but I wasn't raised religious). I'm autistic and have a question about drinking water

Hello! I am so thankful you responded, I wrote up a large edit which I'm going to reply to everyone who commented :) (as long as I don't get caught in the spam filter or something!) I hope you had an easy fast!

I decided based on your answers, that I would attempt to fast without water, if I felt excessively distressed, I would follow to cheekful of water rule, and see how I get on.

I am so happy, proud, and shocked to say that I managed to go the entire 25 hours without drinking. I had no idea I had this capability in me. I can't believe it still. I usually would panic at the thought of not having access to water for an hour, but I wasn't tempted by the idea of water, or to drink it. I felt thirsty, and thought I wish I could drink without it breaking the fast/wishing that the idea of fasting was only food in the first place, but I never did drink.

I feel this has connected me to my religion and Gd even more, as normally day to day I get a very dry mouth incredibly quickly, yet a couple of hours after I began, I felt like my mouth was able to salivate even more than when I normally drink. I managed to feel like I had a moist mouth and throat (which the lack of is my main issue day to day with regards to water) for the entire 25 hours. I feel like Gd helped me through it by giving me moisture. I know the wording is weird, but it's quite a weird thing to experience! I really feel getting through this fast was something special for me.

Thank you so much again for answering!

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