Fastest way to lose post cheat day water weight?

I'll chime in! I've done several extended fasts (up to 8 days, only water) and used to be active in the /r/fasting subreddit and used to talk about fasting like you did.

It's easy to buy into the hype when you see the scale moving so quickly and your hunger signals dull after the first couple days.

It's easy to justify it as 'healthy' when everyone in the subreddit is saying it is.

But here's what I experienced with water fasting, since I'm now at a point I can reflect on it clearly:

  • It was not physically or mentally healthy

  • It did not provide any lasting weight loss because it didn't teach me how to improve my relationship with food and portion size

  • It fucked up my leptin and ghrelin (hunger hormone) levels leading to extreme cravings and hunger after my fasts

  • My hair fell out

  • While fasting, I'd become so cold that my finger tips would turn blue (not good)

  • Fasting made me so tired that I'd just lay in bed all day

If it's working for you now, great. But please be careful and listen to what your body is telling you. And don't promote it as a valid weight loss option for everyone. I see the same people posting again and again on the fasting subreddit about their next long fast because they gained the weight back. There are much more effective and healthy weight loss tactics.

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