Fat People Of Reddit, what are the daily annoyances the rest of us wouldn't think about?

Clothes. More expensive, most difficult to fit, harder to afford and find stylish outfits, etc. There's about a million styles and options for coats/swim suits in "regular sizing" and about 12 in plus size. Most of them black or navy blue, mostly styled for old, unstylish people.

Workout clothes. Even more difficult to find. Old Navy has a decent selection, of course their plus line is only online. So you buy $300 worth of clothes because you order 2-3 sizes of each piece, then return all but 1 or 2 or 3 pieces. Pain in my ass. I once tried on a sports bra from Lane Bryant, I had just noticed Champion had a workout line there (last year I think) and I couldn't even bring it down over my fucking nipples. Lane Bryant may be expensive, but they usually at least fit okay - it was enraging.

Seatbelts. I have to be delicate with passenger belts because if I just pull it out farther than I need it, I never know when I'll hit the child lock. Or if I bend down to pick something off the floorboard. Start over.

Booths in restaurants are often too narrow. Bathroom stalls, if the door opens inwards then I often have to stand beside the toilet so I can open/close the door. If the toilet paper or trash is bolted right next to the toilet then it's often so close my thigh touches them. I wouldn't have thought of it before gaining weight, but it seems so easy to me - mount doors to open out and mount toilet paper/trash forward and up from the toilet.

If I wear a dress, I have to wear tights or shorts so my thighs don't rub and give me a heat rash. I once had a coworker say "you don't like dresses do you" - nope, not true at all but it's a pain in my ass to find shorts that let the dress fabric slide so everyone doesn't know I'm wearing shorts, etc.

Shoes. Heavier weight means the padding in the bottom of my shoes wears out faster. My mom once forgot her sneakers so she was going to borrow one of mine and she couldn't. I hadn't noticed, but I'd worn the shape of my feet so deep into the cushion that it felt like rocks in the shoe to her.

Can't ride roller coasters. Last time I went to a water park, my ass dragged so much on the inner tube ride I almost couldn't get started down the tube. Granted, the inner tube wasn't blown up as much as it could have been, but still embarrassing as hell when there's a long line watching behind me. I haven't been asked to buy a 2nd seat on an airplane, but I also haven't flown in about 4 years.

My doctor is cool, and I really do find it amusing, but every time she goes over my vitals she's surprised that my blood pressure is normal.

If I trip or fall or do something stupid, I'm always a little paranoid that some douchebag will have somehow filmed it and other douchebags online will laugh at me for being fat. If I trip, I tend to laugh at myself but for having a clumsy moment not for being fat. But I know there's sites out there for "fat people falling down" or whatever.

My friends will be very well meaning, but they'll say "oh you're so pretty". I know I'm attractive, but I also know that being fat is a non-starter for most guys. So I have to explain reality, because they're not fat, and tell them that I've never been hit on in a bar or club. They think I don't have enough confidence in myself and they're partially right, I do have less confidence than a thin, pretty woman. However, it is a fact that the majority of guys don't find fat women attractive no matter how beautiful their face or hair or skin might be - and while I'm a good looking woman, I'm not beautiful either, so whatever. And never having been fat or ugly, they just don't understand. And they don't understand that it's harder on me when I have to explain this to them so they'll stop the awkward "you're so pretty, George, doesn't twistytwisty look gorgeous today?" and poor George is a nice guy but she's just put him on the spot to either be honest and say he never noticed or lie and agree. He doesn't say I look like shit, because he's a genuinely nice guy but as a fat woman, I'm not even on his radar as a person until he knows me well enough to know that I couldn't give a shit what he thinks about my looks/attractiveness.

Anyway, even though this just scratches the surface, I have a pretty great life and I'm happy most of the time. I have awesome family and friends, I've never been bullied (though I wasn't a fat child) and I'm a confident person who is respected at work and in most avenues of my life. I'm occasionally shy and I'm an introvert, but many people mistake me for an extrovert because I'm talkative and can talk to just about anyone. I have a genuine interest in most things and people respond to that. But you asked, and these are definitely annoyances.

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