And fat people wonder why they're fat??

As someone who is on a high carb vegan diet she is doing something wrong. IF YOU ARE ON THIS DIET you need to exercise. I run or bike every morning, then do exercises through out the day, like run around with my cat or dance.

I eat large amounts of fruit all day, and at dinner eat a huge carb meal, with usually RICE and plates of vegetables.

Today I ate 10 bananas. for breakfast (with tons of water) 1050 calories

A small box of strawberry's while going on my run. About a cup of strawberrys. I'd say what 50 calories, nothing big.

For lunch I had a box of cherries. Probably like 100 cherries. About 500 calories.

Then snack after a hour of 4 bananas. 420 calories.

Now I am eating 2 cups of rice. 430 calories =]

With 5 whole peppers, 120 calories

2 cups of broccoli 60 calories

and 2 cup of spinach leaves. 14 calories ALL THIS WITH TONS OF WATER

2 hours before sleeping I might eat a mango (just to help me pee before sleeping tbh. ) thats 200 calories

All that is about 2850 calories. That's still less then 3000 calories + I'm very active. Walking/running/biking in the mornings then walking through out the day, dancing when I get home, playing with my cat, smex with the boyfriend.

There is no way that someone on my diet (which she claims she is) could be fat. You would have to work out less then 30 minutes a day. So firstly either she doesn't hardly move at all which is possible, or second getting way to many other things in her diet like sweets, to much pasta, or wtf ever, OR she is lying about being on this diet.

IT takes a lot of work to get to that many calories, on a all fruit and veg diet. IT takes a lot of work to not lose weight on this type of lifestyle. Not only because calories from other stuff are different then the calories you get from fruit and vegs, but it literally doesn't take much work. People who go to banana island just about a month in start losing tons and tons of weight, and some of them just walk around.

SO you fat cunt congradufuckinglations on ruining a lifestyle where all you do is eat fruits and vegs and have to move around a bit to be healthy and lose weight. You have made me and all my fellow high carb vegans stand back and say seriously wtf..

oh and I hope you fucking die.

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